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Warring with Wisdom

Warring with Wisdom

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Spiritual warfare impacts more than just your spirit.

Spiritual warfare is not limited to the spiritual realm, but can affect the entirety of your life–your spirit, your soul, and even your body. Satan and his demons are launching a full-on assault against you, attacking every part of your being.

Author, speaker and co-founder of the Bethel SOZO movement, Dawna De Silva believes that understanding the scope of the enemy’s attacks – and countering with a holistic warfare strategy – is key to experiencing total victory and wholeness. In Warring with Wisdom, she offers a complete battle plan to help you wage warfare on every front.

You will be equipped with powerful warfare secrets. Discover…

The warfare strategies for attaining physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.
The power that forgiving your body can have in bringing healing.
How to stay one step ahead of the enemy’s multi-faceted attacks.

Leave no front opened to the enemy. Discover the power and freedom that comes with spirit, soul and body spiritual warfare!

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