Faithworks Online Loyalty Program

Introducing our online loyalty program that’s designed to give back to YOU every time you shop online. We are just happy that you are here and it’s our way of saying thanks!

As a welcome gesture to our customers, earn points instantly the moment you signed up.

Earn points

Sign up now and receive 10 points instantly

Earn 5 points for every $1 spent

$3 Off - 300 points to unlock

10% Off - 600 points to unlock

15% Off - 1000 points to unlock

E.g. Spending $60 = 300 loyalty points

We will be introducing more ways to earn points along the way. Please sign up for notifications so you can receive timely updates from us.



How Do I Join Faithworks Online Loyalty Program?

Simply create a Faithworks customer account to be part of this program. Sign up here.

How do I earn loyalty points?

Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend online. Each time you spend you will receive an email with your updated loyalty points balance. Use your loyalty points to claim the rewards that you want or save up to unlock bigger rewards. 

How do I check my loyalty points balance and redeem rewards

Log in to our website at and go to Check Rewards on the bottom right of your page. You will be able to check your loyalty points balance and redeem rewards.

Each time you shop online, you will also receive our loyalty program email with your updated loyalty points balance. From the email, you will be able to click into your customer portal to claim your rewards.

How do I use my rewards?

When you have unlocked a reward, you will receive a unique reward coupon via email, to do so, simply click on <Redeem> on the reward you want. You can also redeem your reward coupon on our payment page during checkout. Just copy and paste your unique code into the Discount bar and click Apply (only one coupon code per order). 

Can I redeem more than one reward at a time?

Yes, but even if you have enough points to redeem multiple rewards, you can only use one reward discount code during checkout per transaction.

Can I redeem a discount code more than once?

No, the reward discount code is unique and only available for one-time use.

Will my points expire?

Your earned points have a validity of 2 years.