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The Deborah Anointing Bundle

The Deborah Anointing Bundle

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Introducing the Deborah Anointing Bundle: a combination of faith, inspiration, and style. This bundle prominently features "The Deborah Anointing," a compelling book authored by Michelle McClain-Walters. This book delves into the powerful narrative of Deborah, who is depicted in the Old Testament as a remarkable blend of judge, intercessor, prophetess, mother of Israel, and military strategist.

"The Deborah Anointing" invites readers to grasp the essence of Deborah's story—a woman who defied cultural norms not in rebellion, but in unwavering obedience to God's call to liberate her people. This captivating narrative serves as a timeless analogy, illustrating that even in contemporary times, women are summoned by a higher purpose.

The book emphasizes that women, much like Deborah, are called beyond self-imposed limitations and societal biases. It speaks to those who might have felt confined by traditions or restricted by gender prejudices, offering a message of breaking free from such constraints. "The Deborah Anointing" illuminates the path to embracing one's complete purpose.

Regardless of your realm of influence—at work, at home, or within the church—the book extends a challenge: Will you embrace the role of a modern-day Deborah? Will you boldly stand for God and lead others to Him, just as she did in her time?

Bundle Contents:

1 x "The Deborah Anointing" Book by Michelle McClain-Walters

Embracing the Call to be a Woman of Wisdom and Discernment
Exploring the multifaceted legacy of Deborah, the biblical figure
Encouraging women to break free from societal boundaries and embrace their purpose
1 x "Beautiful Blessings" Gift Book

Filled with affirmations and positivity
A celebration of life's beauty in both grand and simple moments
1 x Pair of Earrings

An elegant accessory to complement your personal style
This bundle is an invitation to connect with faith, to draw inspiration from remarkable biblical stories, and to express your individuality with a touch of elegance.

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