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The Action Bible: Faith in Action

The Action Bible: Faith in Action

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This engaging reimagining of the mega-selling The Action Bible combines 230 epic stories of biblical heroes with vibrant comic-book-style illustrations and an immersive online experience. Young readers will explore seven dynamic attributes of God’s story, earn Faith in Action Badges representing those qualities, and discover even more through QR codes in every story that take them to a safe online adventure of games, videos, spiritual activities, and more.

Since its release in 2010, The Action Bible has received widespread acclaim for its high-energy engaging graphics and over 230 spiritually transformative Bible stories. Introducing the Faith in Action program that reinvents the bestselling comic book-style Bible with a systematic approach to experiencing the Word of God for the next generation.

In addition to a complete interior color redesign, the all-new features of this exciting edition include:

The Faith in Action system gives young readers an easy-to-navigate and engaging experience for exploring the Bible through themes that connect directly to their felt needs.
A Faith in Action Badge for each story that corresponds with one of seven Biblical attributes: courage, faith, hope, love, service, trust, and wisdom.
Discoverable QR codes in every story that take readers to a safe online experience to explore engaging content such as videos, games, digital Scripture index, prayers, Bible facts, devotions, playlists, reading plans, interactive maps, Bible study sessions, and more.
A reading challenge chart to spur young readers on to discover God's Word.
With all the intrigue of a graphic novel and all the truth of God’s Word, The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition satisfies the curious minds and adventurous hearts of today’s young learners, guiding them to connect more deeply with God’s story, develop a richer relationship with their Savior, and grow in their compassion for the world around them.

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