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Reformers Arise

Reformers Arise

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This is your prophetic commissioning!

In these last days, the prophets foresee a great Holy Spirit outpouring – a revival that will not be constrained by the four walls of an institution but will shake the whole earth, shifting the very landscape of nations. This book is your prophetic commissioning to take your place in God’s imminent plan for mighty revival!

Cindy Jacobs is a renowned prophet to the nations with a heart that burns for revival and reformation. In this timely work, she steps into her office as a prophetic general, calling revived believers to take their place as supernaturally-empowered agents for societal change.

In this freshly updated edition of her landmark book, Reformation Manifesto, Cindy provides two new chapters that give prophetic insight on the present revival, coming awakening, and the great reformation that will see moves of God become societal transformation.

Reformers Arise will help you:

Discover where you fit into God’s revival timeline and how to position yourself for the greatest move of the Spirit in history.
Embrace your call as a reformer in whatever sphere of influence God has assigned to you.
Legislate in the Heavens through governmental intercession, employing prayer strategies that dismantle demonic powers in every realm of society.
Reverse the “Genesis curse” by releasing Heaven’s economy over the world.
Access supernatural solutions for the seemingly insurmountable problems plaguing society.

Rise up! It’s time to take your place in Heaven’s agenda for the world!


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