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My Little Devos for Girls - 365 Devotions for Kids

My Little Devos for Girls - 365 Devotions for Kids

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'My Little Devos for Girls - 365 Devotions for Kids' is an inspirational devotional book from DaySpring written specifically for girls. It provides stories, verses, quotes, and tips that are perfect for parents and young girls to read together every day of the year! This devotional book is a perfect way to encourage your daughter or young family member to spend time in God's Word, grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God, and apply biblical principles in everyday living.


Sample Copy:

75 - Expecting Great Things

When a believing person prays, great things happen.
James 5:16 NCV

The Bible teaches us that when believing Christians pray, great things can happen. When you pray, do you expect great things to happen? Do you expect God to do big things? You should. The Lord can work miracles of all sizes - big ones, little ones, and in-between ones - because nothing is too hard for Him. God has big plans for you, and He will help you stay on the right path if you ask Him to. So ask Him...and when you do, expect great things to happen!

God's specialty is making impossible things possible. You don't have the need that exceed His power. - Beth Moore


Product Details:
- Pages: 368
- Paperback
- Size: 5' x 7"


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