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Healing for the Hopeful Heart

Healing for the Hopeful Heart

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"Healing for the Hopeful Heart: True Stories of God's Mysterious Ways" brings you true accounts that will stir your awe at a God who mysteriously, tangibly - and gloriously - shows up in our world to confound doctors and doubters alike. Let these intimate accounts of His healing power be your antidote to fear, a booster shot of faith and hope as you or someone you love awaits His relief, His deliverance, His comfort.


Stories Include:
- A suicidal man changes his desparate plans after one providential weekend.
- A major league baseball player facing cancer experiences the power of prayer to save his life.
- A homeless drug addict regains her life to help young teens see the light.
and more!


Product Details:
- Dimensions: 5" x 7"
- Pages: 208
- Hardcover


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