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Treasured Encounters

Treasured Encounters

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Celebrate the remarkable women in your life with our specially curated bundle sets for Mother's Day. Honor their journey of faith and love with a gift that speaks to the depth of God's grace and the cherished place they hold in His heart. Perfect for mothers, grandmothers, and all the beloved women who inspire and uplift with their unwavering love and grace.

Kickstart your day with the One Minute with God Devotional, a year-long voyage beckoning you to pause, center on God, and immerse yourself in His presence through daily devotionals and Scripture passages. Then, let the essence of unwavering faith accompany you throughout the day with our ABIDE Leather Bracelet, adorned with the empowering word 'Chosen.' Drawing inspiration from John 15:4, this bracelet serves as a tangible reminder to abide in Christ, embracing His love and entrusting His purpose for you. 

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