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A Spirit Led Life

A Spirit Led Life

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"God has placed inside each one of us a spiritual dream. It’s what God has breathed into us—a little bit of Himself. And it’s that part that is calling us unto Him." 

As Jamie Buckingham states in this remarkable recounting of his own personal journey with the Holy Spirit--through his strict moral upbringing, his salvation experience, and his "dark pit" days as a disgraced Southern Baptist pastor, and his highly successful writing career. Jamie Buckingham shares how God broke down his resistance to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and taught him how to be led by the Spirit day by day. 

Jamie shares his journey with characteristic transparency, humor and insight. He uses his own story to encourage each one of us to discover our unique identity, purpose, and power—to realize our God-given dream—through a personal experience with the Spirit of God.

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