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Kingdoms In Conflict

Kingdoms In Conflict

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A ‘kingdom’ is a group of people ruled by one person, the ‘king’, who makes all the laws himself without their votes or approval. The concept is anathema to contemporary democracy and its confidence in government by the people, the naive assumption that majorities will always get it right. History does not encourage optimism. There have been more bad kings than good, even in God’s chosen people Israel.

Behind our world’s problems, which baffle our finest politicians and philosophers, lies a fundamental, racial, and fatal error of having chosen the wrong king. Born into his kingdom, he has deceived us into thinking we can each of us be our own kingdom, inevitably clashing with each other, as individuals or nations.

The only solution is to find the right king and become his loyal citizen. One day all other kingdoms will be shaken to pieces but this will remain, forever. Only then will the conflict, in which every one of us is involved, be resolved. 

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