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Light Keepers Series: Ten Boys Who Made A Difference

Light Keepers Series: Ten Boys Who Made A Difference

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Would you like to make a difference?

These ten boys grew up to do just that - but first, they had to change the church. How did God change them?

1. Augustine discovered the love of God and changed the way we think;
2. Knox focused on God's word and told his country the truth;
3. Luther rediscovered God's truth and gave it to ordinary people;
4. Calvin realized that salvation was a gift from God and not a reward for what he did;
5. Tyndale longed to print the Bible in a language that everyone would understand;
6. Latimer urged people to read the Bible for themselves and made enemies as a result;
7. Hus taught that God is in charge of the church and the world;
8. Zwingli challenged people to obey God's word in every area of their lives;
9. Chalmers called the church to show Christ's compassion to the poor;
10. Shaftesbury pushed the church into making Christ's love a living reality for everyone


Other titles in the series: Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents, Ten Boys Who Made History, Ten Boys Who Didn't Give In, Ten Boys Who Changed the World


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