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Journey (Libby Huirua)

Journey (Libby Huirua)

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Life is simply an invitation. An invitation to a journey. With a travel companion, you have not yet met. The travel companion is the driver, and you are the hitchhiker. As the hitchhiker, you are possibly aware of your final destination but have no real idea of the route you will take to get there. In the end, it’s not really about the destination, but more about the journey. Sometimes a rutted country lane, sometimes a much-traveled freeway, but there’s always a road stretching before you and an invitation to travel it… Journey is a book filled with gold that has come from the life of a true seeker and worshipper of Jesus. It is an invitation to explore the heart of God through the experiences and songs that have arisen from a listening and attentive heart. Libby Huirua has a passion for worship and leading others into God’s presence in a very up-close and personal way. This book is a true reflection of her authentic, raw, and personal faith.

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