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路得和以斯帖 - Ruth and Esther (Chinese)

路得和以斯帖 - Ruth and Esther (Chinese)

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Chinese-Ruth and Esther. Translated from the English Version of the books - Ruth: The Gentile Bride of Christ and The Three Houses of Esther. 

Ruth: The Gentile Bride of Christ

Down through the ages, there have been many enduring love stories that have captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Yet few compare to the love and devotion expressed by Ruth towards her mother-in-law, Naomi as well as the gentle near-kinsman, Boaz.

Your heart will be challenged as you read Dr. Bailey’s stirring account of a young widow who left her family and birth place to achieve an honored position among the heroines of the faith in Israel, as she placed compassion and family loyalty above all ties to her homeland.

The Three Houses of Esther

The Three Houses of Esther is an inspiring study guide to discovering the intimate and eternal presence of the King of kings. Through Dr. Bailey's skillful and thought-provoking explanations, you will see how all who would choose to complete the difficult and challenging periods of spiritual preparation can become those who are called, chosen, and found faithful unto their God.

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