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You Got This: 90 Devotions to Equip and Empower Hardworking Women

You Got This: 90 Devotions to Equip and Empower Hardworking Women

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How can you keep up with life's demands without forgetting who God created you to be?

All women need encouragement and grace while juggling life's obligations. In You Got This, you will learn how God equips and empowers you to face each day. You will be reminded to tap into God's strength, develop a healthy view of success and failure, and accept yourself as God's unique creation designed for a unique purpose.

Each devotion begins with a Scripture passage followed by an inspirational message to challenge and encourage you in your work, lives, and faith. Devotions end with engaging questions to help you apply the spiritual and practical principles as you partner with God to boldly live each day empowered and equipped by Him.


Sample Devotional:
Praying For Your Work

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! (Psalm 90:17, ESV)

Do you ever pray about the work you do? We tend to pray for others and what we need help with, but what if we prayed for the work we do? It's not about praying to be the next millionaire on the block but rather about glorifying Him through what we do each day.

Instead of letting it weigh on our shoulders, how about reaching out to God to help us get through a tough meeting or to celebrate with us when we make the big sale and to guide our heart, hands, and mind to make just the right moves that will lead us to success. And let's not forget to continue to hear and listen for His calling, if it should ever change for us in what He wants us to do each day.

We should be glorifying God in what we are called to do and be an example of a daughter of the King where we work. Oftentimes it's taboo to talk about religion in the workplace, but where you work can be a place where you can reach out a hand to a coworker who may not know Jesus or needs to be given some guidance in their lives. Ask whether you can pray for them. It's in these special opportuniities that we bring others to Jesus. Let Him bless what do you do each day as you work to glorify Him.

You Got This! Section:
When you pray, try praying for your work too. Ask Him to watch over your work and to let it bring Him praise. Be open to new opportunities He places in your path. Let Him establish the work of your hands, for His glory.


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