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Wounded Warriors: Out of the Wilderness

Wounded Warriors: Out of the Wilderness

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If you have longed for the Father's answers as your heart has been secretly breaking…find supernatural strength and impartation, immense encouragement and renewed hope within these pages! Wounded Warriors is a collection of posts from Wendy's public facebook page and additional material.  These posts which appeared over the course of a year specifically recounted deeply personal prophetic and seer encounters between the Father, Jesus and Wendy during a time of her intense emotional struggle in the aftermath of seperation and divorce.  Wendy's heartfelt, personal messages resonated with so many people who have also found themselves in the icy grip of abandonment and heartbreak, facing an uncertain future.  This book will bring consolation and hope, joy and focus for the journey out of the loneliness and silence of the wilderness.  


"...Know this, beloved child of my heart, the tsunami is over, the robbery, grief and loss of yesteryear are swiftly coming to an end."  And our great and marvellous Emperor would lift your face tenderly to His and whisper, "... It is time to rise.  Come away, my beloved, come away and dance with me." 

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