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Worship Flags (L 200cm x 140cm)

Worship Flags (L 200cm x 140cm)

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In a worship service, Flags and Banners are used as a visual tool as well as to make a statement. 

It is a statement of our worship, our praise, celebration, intercession and our warfare (Ps20:5; Is 59:19; Sol 6:4). They are a form of visual worship and they make a powerful statement to believers and non-believers alike. They are also a means of ministering and glorifying the Lord.

Flags are also used to exalt Jesus and His Name before men and the powers of darkness. They may declare our redemption through Jesus and His Blood.

Colours and their symbolism

The 7 colours of the rainbow remind us of God being a covenant-keeping God.

Yellow – Faith, the glory of God and anointing

Orange – Fire of God and deliverance

Scarlet – Cleansing the soul and royalty

Red – Blood of Jesus, love of Christ and Redemption

Purple – Royalty, kingship, majesty, mediator, wealth and authority

Blue – Law, commandment, heaven, living water, Holy Spirit

Gold – Altar, beauty, precious, holiness, glory, majesty, righteousness and divine light

Silver – Word of God, divinity, righteousness and salvation

White – The Bride of Christ, Revelation, the Holy Spirit and blessedness


All flags are made of Habotai silk. They are lightweight and durable. They have bound edges. 1 Rod pocket reinforced at the top. Slide pole through the bottom and tie the loop to keep the flag taut.

Poles are not provided. However any rods sold in DIY shops can be used, or they can be separately ordered. 

Flag sizes 

L 200cm x 140cm

These large silk banners are great for public worship. Can be seen from greater distances and make a very strong statement in performance, processions, or parade. 

M 140cm x 95cm

These medium-sized silk banners are ideal if there are low ceilings or confined spaces (like homes). They are useful for dance groups or individuals. Very easy to handle.


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