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Will I be Fat in Heaven? and Other Curious Questions

Will I be Fat in Heaven? and Other Curious Questions

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Life is full of big questions. In this book, J.John answers thirty-eight questions that we ask about God, the Bible, the world, and everything in-between. - Do babies go to heaven when they die? - Why do we believe the Bible is true? - Will we recognise family and friends in heaven? And life's ultimate question: - Does God care about me?



‘This book is classic J.John – a cheeky title, searching questions, and a deep passion to recommend the Christian faith to any who are seeking.’ ~Matt Redman

‘I’ve asked almost all of these questions myself over the course of my life and am so grateful that my friend J.John has compiled and answered them together in one volume. Will I Be Fat In Heaven? is full of wisdom, truth, insight, challenge, compassion and humour.’ ~ Christine Caine

‘Believe me, there are people in your life who desperately need this book. It does what almost no books do, which is answer the real questions many people have about God, and which they yearn to have answered. I thank God that my friend J.John has used his obvious gifts at communicating in a way most of us can easily understand!’ ~ Eric Metaxas, Author

‘Have you been wrestling with questions for so long, but didn't know who to ask? Well my good friend J.John is here for you. With profound biblical understanding, empathy and humour he addresses the questions that many of us have had for years.’ ~ Sheila Walsh, Singer

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