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Tract - Why Me?

Tract - Why Me?

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When faced with suffering it is easy to ask Why me? In this tract adapted from his book God’s Grace in Your Suffering, David Powlison shares the joy that comes from knowing the Savior who is with his people through their trials.

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Adapted from God’s Grace in Your Suffering

"Why me? Why this? Why now? Why?"

When suffering comes on us, this is often our response.  Left to yourself, you blindly react. You grasp at straws. God seems invisible, silent, far away. Threat and pain and loss cry out long and loud. Faith seems inarticulate. You might mumble right answers to yourself, but it's like reading the phone book. You pray, but your words sound rote, vaguely unreal, mere pious generalities. You're caught up in a swirl of apprehension, anguish, regret, confusion, bitterness, emptiness, uncertainty.

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