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When Heaven Invades Your Life

When Heaven Invades Your Life

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A Devotional to Help You Walk in the Miraculous Every Day!

Access to a lifestyle of miracles is our spiritual inheritance as believers—so why do so many of us settle for powerless lives? Most often, it's because we need to be reminded of what, and Who, we carry.

In this powerful daily devotional, bestselling author and pastor Bill Johnson commissions you to steward and carry God’s supernatural power, empowering you to experience and release the miraculous everyday

Full of thought-provoking quotes, invigorating teachings, inspiring Scripture readings, and prayer activations, this powerful devotional is your daily reminder and guide to:

Access the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
Reclaim your true identity.
Experience supernatural courage.
Keep the fires of personal revival burning in your heart.
Unleash God’s miracle-working power in your everyday life.
Don’t squander your inheritance. Your spiritual bank account is overflowing; learn how to make daily withdrawals from everything that Jesus made available to you—and discover a life where miracles, signs, and wonders are a glorious, everyday phenomenon.

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