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UG (Uniting Generations)Conversations Cards

UG (Uniting Generations)Conversations Cards

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UG Cards were created with the vision to forge deeper bonds between generations.
It is a tool designed so that God-centered and authentic conversations can take place, resulting in deeper understanding and empathy for one another.

With 66 cards in total, there are 4 levels:
•    Level 1 establishes familiarity and similarity through nostalgia. 
•    Level 2 introduces vulnerability through common experiences and dives into the deep and unique flavour of the individual. 
•    Level 3 opens the conversation for participants to develop empathy for one another.
•    Level 4 encourages a call to action, putting thoughts and words into deeds.

Aside from being used at retreats, camps, or family occasions, we have also intended for UG cards to be used during a meal or tea break as those moments are more casual and relaxed. We suggest a good cup of kopi in a quiet coffee shop or café to get started!

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Gen Z, Female: 
Each member of the group was of a different age and, therefore, at a different stage in their lives. For example, some shared about parenthood; even the various stages of parenthood. Others discussed their experiences as working adults. I also heard the lessons that others have learned after “many years of living”. In addition, I found that others were very interested in what I had to say. This made me realise that the older generation is genuine in their desire to understand us better, especially since we live in a different time from when they grew up in. The UG Cards have helped us to understand one another better.

Gen Y, Male:
What stood out was that the older generation really wanted to understand how the younger generations approach their faith. I spent my round explaining how my friends and I (2nd gen onwards) had to make Christianity our own faith, otherwise, it would always be someone else's.

Gen Y, Female:
It was a pleasant and wholesome experience hearing from others in the different generations on their perspective and experiences of life. The older ones tend to drift off topic or find it difficult to understand the question sometimes so we assisted by explaining to them. In my opinion, the questions are straightforward to understand. However as it goes higher in the levels, deeper thought needs to be put into sharing with one another.

Gen Y, Male:
I’ve known my ministry co-worker for many years but did not expect to find many similar childhood experiences that we share. Even though our working relationship is good, I realised I have never stopped to ask about my co-worker’s hobbies or interests outside of work. 

Baby Boomer, Female:
The UG cards enabled me to have open conversations with other generations. We were able to understand each other’s lives and backgrounds better, and these are matters that we would never have gotten prior to this experience. I was also able to share and encourage the younger ones with my experience while learning new things from them; things that my generation would not get to go through.

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