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The Unexpected Adventure

The Unexpected Adventure

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Well-known evangelists Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg have teamed up to bring you a 42-day devotional-style series of adventures in sharing the gospel.

Through their own stories—ranging from the laugh aloud funny to the discouraging to the uncanny—Strobel and Mittelberg will motivate you to make the Great Commission a way of everyday living.

Mark relates a conversation he had with a woman who hated missionaries for ruining people's cultures.
Lee tells of the "spiritual vertigo" he feels when someone highly educated challenges his faith and how he deals with that.
Mark tells a story of the time he was almost shot on a backpacking trip.
Lee talks about a time he followed the Spirit's nudges on a mission in India—giving an unprepared sermon to a group of Hindus.
These are just a few of the many stories told. The two trade off, giving examples of the many and unexpected ways they've seen God show up and work in the lives of those who dare to speak his name. Filled with practical guidance, inspiration and transparency, The Unexpected Adventure addresses everything from the emotional challenges of evangelism to the spiritual joy that comes from putting your trust in Christ and talking about it.

Perfect for readers who don't need another "evangelism playbook" but instead want transparent, real-life stories of the risks people take to talk about Jesus.

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