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The Altar

The Altar

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Get ready for the coming bridegroom!

When many Christians think about the second coming of Jesus, they imagine apocalyptic disaster, fear and terror, and world collapse.

But what if the second coming was more like a wedding than a catastrophe? If Jesus is returning as the bridegroom, shouldn’t his bride - the Church - focus more on deepening their commitment to him than on comparing global events to last-days timelines?

Burning with passion and zeal for Jesus, and driven by a vision to see the church revived, prophet and best-selling author Jeremiah Johnson offers a prophetic plea to the people of God: “Come to the altar! Purify yourselves for the coming Bridegroom!”

In this timely prophetic message, The Altar shows you how to:

Join the bridal revival that will sweep through the nations.
Cultivate a lovesickness for Jesus Christ and a longing for his return.
Become a burning and shining lamp in this generation.
Tear down the altar of Baal in your city and region.
The Bridegroom is coming! Are you ready for the wedding day?

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