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Sustain the Flame

Sustain the Flame

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The Secret to Shaping the World and Impacting Generations

"If you are reading this right now, that means God is wooing you deeper. He is inviting you to go deeper into the rivers of living waters. He wants to take you past your ankles, past your knees, past your waist, and over your head." ― Heidi Baker, bestselling author of Birthing the Miraculous

Do you long to live in continual power and passion for Jesus, but feel yourself being pulled away by distractions and responsibilities? Do you dread the spiritual lows that inevitably come after powerful encounters?

If you are reading this right now, you are not here by accident. You are chosen by God to be set apart, consumed by the fire of His love as a warrior in the remnant army of Jesus lovers He is raising up right now.

With contagious passion and prophetic insight, international minister and revivalist Dr. Jennifer Miskov―with contributing chapters from Heidi Baker―ignites a fire to pursue Jesus with total abandonment, revealing how to keep the passion and fervor for God burning in your life in a sustained way and spread the flames of His love and power wherever you go.

Through Spirit-filled insight, provoking testimony, and scriptural foundations, Jennifer awakens, equips, and calls you into your God given assignment, empowering you to:

Access the anointing of this kairos moment.
Discover the secrets of sustained revival from the Moravians, John Wesley, and more.
Be seen, known, and loved within a vibrant spiritual family.
Step into the fullness of your God-given destiny.
Create a new normal for the next generation.
Partner with the Body of Christ to keep the fires of revival burning for generations to come.
“This book isn't just another book on revival – it is revival. Its objective is clear - to cause us to relentlessly seek His face and pursue His heart…the finger of God has touched every page of this work.” - Todd Smith, overseer of the North Georgia Revival

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