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Spirit Of Christ, The-New Print

Spirit Of Christ, The-New Print

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About This Edition of The Spirit of Christ:

• Optimized for Kindle

• Andrew Murray Biography - The man behind the book

• Beautiful Illustrations - 10 unique illustrations from the Bible

• Linked Table of Contents - Quick and easy navigation through the content by chapters


An inspiring and practical devotional study on the work of the Holy Spirit.


In 31 clear, concise chapters, Murray shares his insights on the work of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of spiritual growth and Christian living. He discusses such practical truths as:


* Being filled with the Spirit


* The relationship between the conscience and the Holy Spirit


* The biblical differences between flesh and spirit


* The Spirit's ministry in the church


* Challenging devotional reading for every believer who desires spiritual maturity.


About the Author

Andrew Murray (May 9, 1828 – January 18, 1917) was a South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor. He considered missions to be "the chief end of the church."

Murray began writing on the Christian life for his congregation as an extension of his local pastoral work, but he became internationally known for his works, such as The Spirit of Christ.

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