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Soft and Hard Sides of Leadership

Soft and Hard Sides of Leadership

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The hard side of leadership enables us to tackle difficult issues and take a firm stand. The soft side of leadership constantly reminds us that we are dealing with people - free in their choice to come or go. Churches have always experienced a spectrum of leadership - from the easy-going, laid-back pastor to the more autocratic, pushy style of pastor. More recently, we have seen the emergence of polarised leaders. But does a church leader have to be one or the other?

In his second book, The Soft and Hard Sides of Leadership: How to Avoid Being a Wimp or a Megalomaniac, Peter Prothero contends that they are two sides of the same coin - and we need both. And when we have both, we have great leadership. Covering six ingredients of a 'soft and hard' leader - compassion, contrition, connection, courage, conviction and clarity - The Soft and Hard Sides of Leadership will help you model your leadership on the greatest leader of all, Jesus Christ.

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