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Rejoice Into Joy

Rejoice Into Joy

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“Rejoice in the Lord always.”

It’s a simple command that holds the key to experiencing deep and abiding joy through every circumstance.

Bestselling authors and senior leaders of Bethel Church, Bill and Beni Johnson, are known for their teaching on how to experience heavenly realities in everyday life. In this timely work, they address the often overlooked connection between the experience of joy and the act of rejoicing.

Pastor Bill and Beni teach that joy is not merely an emotion. It is a posture of the heart, arrived at by consistently choosing to rejoice in the present reality of our heavenly home, regardless of earthly circumstances.

Written in short chapters, ideal for daily devotions or thoughtful meditations, Rejoice Into Joy will reveal how to…

  • Enter the fullness of joy through praise and worship.
  • Disarm hell with the power of thanksgiving.
  • Apply the supernatural “math of joy” to trials by “counting it all joy”.

In whatever circumstance you’re in, choose to rejoice your way into joy, and discover the joy of the Lord as your strength.


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