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Prophetic Integrity

Prophetic Integrity

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What happens when prophets are wrong?

In 2020, many Christians claiming to be prophets said that God told them that Donald Trump would be re-elected as president, which did not happen. What happens when prophets get it wrong? Are there consequences for misleading God's people?

In recent years, gross misjudgments among Charismatic Christians claiming to speak for God and moral failures within Evangelicalism have resulted in a crisis of belief. In Prophetic Integrity, bestselling author and speaker, R.T. Kendall gives a warning to those speaking in God's name and offers a way forward in trusting God despite the failures of the church.

Personal accounts of visions and supernatural experiences
Good, bad, and ugly examples of modern-day prophecy
Seven levels of prophetic gifting
Examples of false teachings within open theism
Relevant Bible verses and meaningful quotes
Thought-provoking questions
A call for honesty, vulnerability, and repentance

Prophetic Integrity is a book for those who believe that God still speaks today but have serious questions about those within the church that identify as prophets.

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