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Pilgrim - 25 Ways God’s Character Leads Us Onward

Pilgrim - 25 Ways God’s Character Leads Us Onward

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Guideposts of Grace for Your Faith Journey
As a follower of Christ, you live each day as a pilgrim, traveling the path Jesus sets before you. Though the road may be rocky, God provides reminders along the way to show you that He writes your story, paves your path, and walks with you always. 
From bestselling author and artist Ruth Chou Simons comes this uplifting meditation on the character of God to accompany you on your pilgrim journey. Featuring stunning new artwork, these 25 devotions will lead you to

explore proof of God’s faithfulness found in both Scripture and daily life,
engage with many key attributes of God,
encounter hymns written throughout history that illuminate timeless truths about who God is, and
experience the peace that accompanies focusing your heart on God’s character.
Pilgrim reminds us of profound truths by showing us how God’s grace and provision shape each Christian’s unique journey of conforming to the image of Christ. On the path of spiritual growth and maturity, knowing God’s character makes all the difference. When your travels leave you worn and weary, God will not abandon you—you can lay your burdens in His hands, find hope in His presence, and follow His path as He leads you onward.

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