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Mysteries of the Anointing

Mysteries of the Anointing

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You are not limited to your own human abilities.

This book will answer all of your questions about anointing. It will prepare you to experience the precious touch of God in everything you do.

How can some ministers whose personal and spiritual lives are dried up and in shambles still operate in the anointing and continue to minister with power? Pastor Benny Hinn asked this question during a season of personal trial, and his quest led him to an in-depth understanding of the three “rivers,” or types, of anointing in Scripture: 1 John 2:27 (the anointing within you); Acts 1:8 (the anointing upon you); and Isaiah 10 (a global anointing related to building up and destroying nations).

In Mysteries of the Anointing, Hinn explores these three types of anointing, sharing personal stories of things he learned firsthand from Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts, as well as providing biblical and historical examples that illustrate his teachings. Readers will discover:

How to detect if the anointing within you is weakening or gone
The blessings—and dangers—that can happen when God begins to use you
When you’re most vulnerable to demonic attack and what to do about it
What hinders the anointing in your life and ministry and what increases it
The impact of the anointing around the world and how the church will experience it in greater measure

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