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Like A Mighty Army

Like A Mighty Army

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The call of this book is to enlist. In the same way that a natural army enlists only strong and battle-ready soldiers, God is looking for spiritually mature men and women to take their place in His end-time army.

Dr Brian J. Bailey paints a vivid picture of this army-characterised by great power and mighty deeds, yet moving in complete submission to the will of God. Through a series of personal revelation and insight from Scripture, he explains the composition of this army, its training and its purpose in bringing in the Last Day harvest.

To every Christian, Dr Bailey casts a vision of being an overcomer equipped with the full armour of God. And to leaders, he draws lessons from the lives of two great commanders, Abraham and David, to present the challenge of raising up people who would withstand the pressures of the days ahead as they move from victory to victory.

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