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Invading the Enemy's Strongholds

Invading the Enemy's Strongholds

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Demolish the Demonic Agenda By Partnering with the Legislation of Heaven

Do the news headlines cause your heart to faint with fear and worry? Are you concerned about the society your children are growing up in? When you look at how dark things seem to be getting, do you feel an increased sense of hopelessness and helplessness?

Your voice is a supernatural weapon in the spiritual realm. When you target your prayers, Heaven's government and authority will overthrow the powers of darkness and impact the world around you.

Prophet and spiritual warfare leader, Cindy Jacobs, has been training believers in effective intercession for many years. Through the decades, she has witnessed significant and supernatural results where entire nations have felt the impact of everyday believers practicing these proven prayer strategies. Now you have access to these same strategies.

In Invading the Enemy's Strongholds, Cindy Jacobs upgrades your prayer arsenal by equipping you with the keys to defeat demonic strongholds. We are living in urgent days, pregnant with the possibility of revival, awakening, and even societal reformation. For these God-willed results to take place, you need to engage in prayer like never before.

Get ready to:

Identify strongholds and gates that hell seeks to influence and occupy.
Target your prayers to overthrow the powers of darkness.
Prepare for Jesus's return by occupying until He comes, not surrendering ground to the enemy.
Legislate in the heavens by practicing reformation intercession.
Stop feeling powerless about the godless direction the world is going in! Interrupt hell’s agenda and pray targeted prayers that spiritually enforce the will of God to demolish demonic strongholds and overthrow forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Featuring Powerful New Reflections, Prayers, and Decrees from Cindy Jacobs.

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