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I Love You, Little Mister

I Love You, Little Mister

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A Father's Struggle Towards Hope in the Ultimate Tragedy


October 5th, 2020 was a typical busy day in the Walcott household, with school, work, two football practices, dinner, prayer and family time all squeezed together as the joyful family went about their day. October 6th was supposed to be another day just like it, until Cameron went downstairs to wake up his oldest son, 13-year-old Caleb, and discovered that he had passed away in his sleep.


In this book, Cameron Walcott describes his family’s struggle towards hope in the midst of unexplainable, extraordinary tragedy. He details the inner struggles he went through and is still going through, having been deprived of his beloved son so unexpectedly. How can we continue to hope in God when everything has been taken away from us?

We also are given stories from Caleb’s life, that will resonate with all parents. We see glimpses into the extremely close relationship Cameron and Caleb shared (as well as glimpses of Caleb’s relationship with the rest of his family). Caleb lived life to the fullest in his short 13 years, excelling in school, sports, music, writing, and walking with God.

Whatever sort of pain you are going through, whatever degree of tragedy you are facing, this book will encourage you to continue to hope in the goodness of God.


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