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HOPE in Any Crisis Pack

HOPE in Any Crisis Pack

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This Blessing Pack includes:

1. Hope In Any Crisis

2. Footprints - Tassel bookmark (TBM118)

3. 7 pieces of Communion fellowship cup



A Crisis Is a Privileged Time to Be Alive

Times of disaster are unavoidable. We don’t get to choose whether or not to live in such times. We can only choose what to do with the time that we live. Will we let fear and darkness overwhelm us, or will we choose to shine the light of hope?

In HOPE in Any Crisis, pastor and best-selling author Bill Johnson reveals the powerful divine protection offered to you as a believer, three responses you can experience in times of uncertainty, and your responsibility to have hope in all things.

You’ll discover the following:
- Kingdom solutions that bring hope in times of crisis
- How to stay sane in the midst of craziness and bring peace to a fearful world
- How to rest in God’s protection as you pray the authority of Scripture

As Christians, we have the answers the world is looking for, and times of crisis give us the opportunity to show them just how good God is.

After reading this book, you will find rest in the safety of God’s protection and be inspired to share His peace and comfort with others who are gripped by fear during uncertain times.

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