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How can we balance between being a successful entrepreneur in this cut-throat pandemic environment and continuing to discover God’s purpose? Let’s get inspiration through reading the decade-long ups and downs of Valerie’s entrepreneurship journey as she traverses through the pandemic. In the latter part of the book, she will share a compilation of Bible plans and scriptures that have helped her in these trying times. At the end of every chapter, you will find a “Quiet Moment with God” section, with self-reflection questions thoughtfully crafted to help you grow closer to God.


About the Author

Valerie is a business leader and a seasoned digital strategist, consultant, and certified adult trainer based in Singapore. Her expertise and experience include business analysis and the implementation of digitalization and marketing initiatives for businesses to remain competitive and sustainable. 

Over the years, Valerie has garnered rich experience in the business world having founded businesses in several sectors ranging from Smart apparel to digital consultancy and emerging technologies. 

To manage her business demands, Valerie constantly leverages technology and digitally-enabled business models for productivity, profitability, and growth. An accomplished trainer specializing in adult lifelong learning, she is highly sought after by business enterprises and entrepreneurs for her digital marketing expertise and insights. She has trained close to one thousand professionals and individuals on digital subject matters relating to marketing strategies, key digital channels, and the use of digital marketing tools. 

Valerie holds an Honors degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Master's degree in Business Administration. She was honored in the inaugural Singapore 100 Women in Tech (SG100WIT) 2020 List that recognizes female tech talents and achievers in Singapore for their outstanding contributions. 

On a personal note, Valerie has been serving in the Christian music ministry for close to two decades. She is married with two teenage children. In her spare time, Valerie loves to chill out at a café, travel, and enjoy great dining experiences with her family.


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