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Doorkeepers of Revival: Birthing, Building, and Sustaining Revival

Doorkeepers of Revival: Birthing, Building, and Sustaining Revival

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Revival was never meant to come and go, ebb and flow. In fact, it’s not God Who taps out of revival; it’s us. Heaven’s desire is a church that’s burning with passion, alive with the Spirit, and flowing with the supernatural.

What if it were possible to actually sustain the moves of the Holy Spirit in churches, cities, and regions? While many are waiting around for a sovereign outpouring of God to come down from Heaven, there is a remnant of believers rising in the Earth who are declaring war on dry places and dead spiritual atmospheres. Many claim to desire revival, but few are willing to keep the door open for the move of God to continue and increase!

Sustained revival is doing what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to keep the door of revival open and the fire of God burning on the altar.

In Doorkeepers of Revival, you will learn how to:

  • Press into God, refusing to settle for a passive, substandard Christianity.
  • Create space for the Holy Spirit to move, accommodating Him above everything else.
  • Cross thresholds into new realms of glory, learning how to seize and steward key moments of Holy Spirit outpouring.
  • Follow the Upper Room strategy, prioritizing the power of Pentecost over programs.

Sustained revival is not only what the Lord desires, but it’s what most Christians and church leaders desire. Even more so, it’s what the world needs to see: a church ablaze with Holy Spirit fire!


Kim Owens is the pastor of Fresh Start Church, a thriving church in Peoria Arizona that has been experiencing a sustained revival since 2015. It’s not extended services or special meetings that characterize this revival. It’s far more transferable and applicable to you! Pastor Kim has simply given her life to training everyday believers to live as powerful, Holy Spirit-empowered revivalists.

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