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100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus - Devotional Journal (#89877)

100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus - Devotional Journal (#89877)

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In her devotional journal, 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus, author Shanna Noel invites you to experience God's rest and peace. No matter what life brings your way, God longs for you to rest in Him, knowing that He is always with you, always loving you, and always looking out for your best interest. With plenty of space for prayer, reflection, and creative expression, this journal will remind you to lean on Him (even on your busiest days) to settle your soul and comfort your heart.

100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus
A Devotional Journal
Shanna Noel

Sample copy:
He Holds Every Season

Spring, summer, fall, and winter. They remind us that all creation moves in rhythm - new life, growth, transition, and rest. The seasons of our lives have rhythm, too; some bring sadness and others, joy. There's an exchange of the comfortable and familiar for the new and undiscovered. We wish for some times to pass quickly, and we wish others would stay forever. But no matter what season you find yourself in, you can be sure of this: It is divinely woven into what came before it and what's coming after. Your Father provided all you needed to prepare you for this day, and right now He is growing in you the things you'll need for tomorrow. Hold this time with open hands and an open heart. Experience the beauty it brings, and allow yourself to grieve the losses. Everything will change, but His love will remain to see you through.

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. Ecclesiastes 3:1 CEV


Product Specifications:
- Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 8"
- Pages: 208
- Soft touch flexible cover and spot UV
- Premium non-bleed paper
- Notebook binding
- Ribbon marker
- Layflat binding

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