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CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW : David Livingstone

CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW : David Livingstone

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The lion's jaws tightened around David Livingstone's arm, its razor-sharp teeth piercing his flesh. Violently shaking him in the air, the lion treated David like a mere rag doll. Suddenly, a gunshot echoed through the air. "God help us," David moaned, as the lion released its grip and turned its attention towards David's companion, Mebalwe.

David Livingstone possessed the heart of an explorer and the fervor of an evangelist. He fearlessly charted unexplored territories in Africa, all the while sharing the gospel with anyone he encountered. His unwavering stamina, perseverance, and unyielding determination forged a lasting legacy of a trailblazing explorer who ardently sought to spread the message of Christ wherever his journeys took him.

The captivating adventures and indomitable zeal of David Livingstone continue to inspire countless individuals to bring the gospel, conveying God's boundless love, to those souls who have never had the opportunity to hear it (1813-1873).

This immensely popular series, "Christian Heroes: Then & Now," delves into the riveting, challenging, and deeply moving true stories of ordinary men and women who placed their trust in God and accomplished extraordinary feats for His kingdom and glory. Through these biographies, readers are introduced to the remarkable lives of individuals like David Livingstone, whose unwavering faith and tireless dedication have left an indelible mark on the world.

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