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C.T. Studd, accompanied by his companion, found themselves lost in the African jungle. Despite the warnings they had received from others, they pressed on with their missionary work, driven by their devotion to God. C.T. Studd, known for his determination and sense of humor, faced the daunting reality of being surrounded by dense foliage, feeling as though they were being watched from all directions.

C.T. Studd's life was marked by his unwavering commitment to his faith. Originally a star cricket player in England, he approached his newfound missionary calling with the same level of dedication and passion. Motivated by a near tragedy and the words of an atheist, he chose to devote his life to spreading the gospel.

Throughout his missionary journey, C.T. Studd served in various countries, including China, India, and eventually Central Africa. In the Congo, he became the first missionary to reach numerous tribes, braving the challenges and dangers of the region. Additionally, he founded the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, a mission that would continue to bring the gospel to Africans for many years to come.

The story of C.T. Studd is part of the best-selling missionary biography series called Christian Heroes: Then & Now. This series highlights the remarkable true stories of ordinary individuals whose unwavering faith in God led them to accomplish extraordinary feats for His kingdom and glory.

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