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Faith: the Link with God's Power (高舉信心的旌旗)

Faith: the Link with God's Power (高舉信心的旌旗)

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In Faith: The Link with God’s Power, international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke draws from his years of personal study and vibrant ministry to reveal that…

  • Faith is like a wiring system that carries power into our lives.
  • Faith itself is not the power, but it links us to the power source.
  • There is no link to God’s power without faith.
  • Our belief in what happens tomorrow stems from what we already experienced yesterday.
  • It is not the size of your faith but the size of the God you believe in that determines the results.

(Contents are in Traditional Chinese Text)



  • 信心就像发电系统,将能力带进我们的生活中。
  • 信心本身不是能力,但使我们与能力之源连结。
  • 我们相信某事明日会发生,是因为知道昨日曾发生过。
  • 结果不取决与我们信心的大小,而在与神有多大。


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