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Capturing Heaven's Attention

Capturing Heaven's Attention

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Experience God's Supernatural Power in Action

Have you heard of God’s supernatural power but never experienced it? Are you tired of talking about a coming move of God—and ready to be an active part of it right now?

For more than 15 years, Chris Overstreet has followed the leading of God in his life, from ministering in remote places around the world to becoming a pastor and teacher at Bethel Church in Redding. No matter where he found himself, he found the power of God working through him in miraculous ways, transforming lives and healing the sick.

In Capturing Heaven’s Attention, Chris imparts the key truths and practical principles he’s learned on the frontlines of power evangelism, equipping you to supercharge your intimacy with God, become a yielded vessel, and experience greater levels of God’s miraculous manifestations.

You’ll not only learn to partner with God, but you’ll also discover how to:

Recognize promptings from God.
Act quickly on what He reveals to you.
Overcome the fears and misgivings that hold you back.
Position yourself to see the supernatural take place.
Step into the fullness of the power and presence of God.
You will experience the miraculous when you stop accepting powerless disappointment—and step out in radical obedience that releases God’s supernatural power to a world in need.

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