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Breaking Soul Ties

Breaking Soul Ties

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True and lasting change is possible!

There are countless self-help plans that promise to break bad habits. While some are effective at changing harmful patterns, true transformation is more than just avoiding destructive behaviors.

What is the key to lasting life-change? The answer lies in your soul…and the things to which your soul is spiritually bound.

Drs. Dennis and Jennifer Clark have decades of experience in helping people unearth the root causes of emotional and behavioral issues. Combining their psychological expertise with a biblical framework for spiritual deliverance, the Clarks offer powerful tools to set you free from the soul ties that are binding you!

Discover how to:

 • Make the connections between your habit-patterns and soul ties.

• Identify specific soul ties that might be operating in your life.

• Break free from relational soul attachments created through sexual and emotional intimacy.

• Receive deliverance from soul bondages.

• Re-map your brain once bondages are broken.

Break loose from bondage! Throw off your chains and become everything God has made you to be.



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