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Bloom With Grace Blue Set

Bloom With Grace Blue Set

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A SET OF “BLOOM WITH GRACE” (BLUE) KEYCHAIN & PHONE GRIP inspired by Isaiah 54:17 and designed by @ellishapang. 

The retail price for Keychain & Phone Grip is SGD19 & SGD21 respectively.


6cm x 6cm in size, handmade with transparent acrylic material

Gold Keyring with lobster clasp

Comes in a matte sweet wrapper for protection 


Phone grip-

5cm x 5cm in size, handmade with acrylic material

Transparent Phone Grip with adhesive at the back

Comes in a plastic layer for protection 

Phone grips are adjustable, three levels (flat, one level up, and two levels up)


Prepare a phone cover that you would like to stick your phone grip on
Test the phone grip out on the phone cover and mark the position of where you would like it to be
Remove the layer of plastic that is covering the adhesive layer at the back of the phone grip , please be careful as it is very sticky once the plastic is removed
Stick your phone grip on the phone cover. Use some force to ensure that the phone grip is stuck on completely on the phone cover
Put your brand new phone cover on your phone, and viola! Enjoy!
Please take note that once the phone grip is attached to the phone cover, chances are - you will not be able to remove it anymore. This is to ensure that your phone grip will not fall off when you're using it.

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