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Blessed Gardener

Blessed Gardener

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Celebrate the remarkable women in your life with our specially curated bundle sets for Mother's Day. Honor their journey of faith and love with a gift that speaks to the depth of God's grace and the cherished place they hold in His heart. Perfect for mothers, grandmothers, and all the beloved women who inspire and uplift with their unwavering love and grace.

Immerse yourself in the earthly spirituality with 'Playing In The Dirt: 90 Devos for Crazy Plant Ladies,' a 90-day devotional tailored for women who find joy and solace in nurturing nature. Explore the teachings of the Great Gardener, who tends to our souls, fostering fruitfulness, and offering solace amidst life's chaos. Each day, discover inspiration through Scripture-based reflections and delightful illustrations that plant seeds of faith and wisdom.

Enhance your spiritual odyssey with our ABIDE Leather Bracelet, gracefully adorned with the word 'Blessed.' Drawing inspiration from the abundant blessings found in God's love, this bracelet serves as a wearable token of gratitude and divine favor.

Whether you're tending to plants or taking a moment for prayer, let this bundle serve as a reminder of the richness of God's blessings in every facet of life. 

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