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Bible Infographics for Kids Adventure Journal

Bible Infographics for Kids Adventure Journal

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Adventurers of all ages (but especially young ones) will embark on a faith-tastic 40-day journey filled with incredible, infographic-infused opportunities to draw, learn, write, engage, pray, imagine, reflect, study, and chronicle their connection with their Creator.
This is a journal that even the most timid and discerning adventurers are sure to enjoy. If journaling seems like work disguised as fun—like washing a car or shearing sheep—do not be afraid! This is journalingBible Infographics for Kids-style.
Is expressing yourself with words difficult? Check out our infographic emojis.
Is poetry a struggle? The patented* infograghic poetry tutorial is included. 

Are you bamboozled by writer's block? We’re the providers of plentiful prompts.
Do you find Bible history a mystery? Try our time machine.**
Are you scared to sing? Well, that’s what showers are for…and not included here, but you’ll still be singing praises regardless.
And there’s still so much more to discover!
No matter what you level of journal-using proficiency is, this amazing journey with Jesus will no doubt be notable!

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