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Applying the Blood

Applying the Blood

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Jesus’ blood is more powerful than you realize.

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.” (Revelation 12:11 (NIV))

While many Christians believe that Jesus purchased all we need at the cross, few of us grasp the true power of his blood and its vital relevance to our daily lives.

In this essential guide for every believer, honored Christian leader and Bible teacher Derek Prince helps you understand and apply the power of Jesus’ blood to your everyday life.



The seven-fold sprinkling of Jesus’ blood

The four dimensions of applying the blood

The importance of approaching God’s throne with confidence

The power of proclamation

If you believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection, but have never witnessed the supernatural power of his blood at work in your life, this audiobook is for you.


What might happen in your life today as you apply the blood of Jesus?

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