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Tract - An Offer of Hope

Tract - An Offer of Hope

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Many people are struggling with shame. Whether it comes from things they have done, or things done to them, shame is the sign of a wounded spirit. This tract demonstrates that through Jesus Christ people can find unlimited mercy, forgiveness, and cleansing.

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Shame is a terrible burden. It crushes the spirit. It isolates and makes us fearful. It kills relationships and causes us to hide even from those who love us. It can be a deep sickness within the heart, keeping us paralyzed with despair and unable to ask for or receive help.

Are you struggling with shame today? Many people are. Some wrestle with shame over things they’ve done or become. Theirs is the shame of a guilty conscience. Others suffer from shame over something that was done to them. Theirs is the shame of a wounded spirit. While these two kinds of shame have very different causes, they both cause us to hide in fear: to hide from ourselves, from others, and from God. 

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