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Walking Out Of Secret Shame

Walking Out Of Secret Shame

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Jennifer was everything a young attractive girl could be. Friendly, respectful and kind, she was well liked by many. Yet emptiness and sorrow still gnawed at her.

This is the gripping story of a girl who looked for love in all the wrong places. Pregnant twice as a teenager, Jennifer aborted both babies, bringing her down the long road of guilt and shame.

After years of remorse mixed with self-reproach and self-justification, she finally released all the pain. Armed with a new perspective of life and strength to face the future, Jennifer no longer lived in hidden shame and guilt over her sins. But every day she had to make a difficult choice — to cower and hide in the shadows or to step out with her head held high.

Step by step, Jennifer learned to walk out of her secret shame and torment. Relying on the help of her God and loved ones, she broke free from the darkness of guilt and self-pity. Read about how she fought and defeated the demons of her past to emerge stronger and more aware of who she is.

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