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The Happy Mom

The Happy Mom

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Are you fearful or frustrated as a mom? Have you lost the joy of motherhood?

If you're struggling, The Happy Mom contains principles and tips to help you overcome your challenges and enable your children to thrive. If you're an almost-perfect mom, it will empower you to go from strength to strength.

Doreen Wong draws on her thirty-seven years of experience as a mom to inspire you to embrace motherhood as a calling. The Happy Mom will guide you, step-by-step, to become the best mom you could ever be. It will also challenge you to see how you'll be able to influence the generations to come. 

The Happy Mom is for moms who don't just want to be a mediocre or a "good enough" mom. It's for moms who want to be a great mom and who raise their children to lead purposeful and significant lives. 

No matter how old your children are, Doreen dares you to think, act, and be different from the average mom. In so doing, you'll become a happier--and better--mom.

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