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Streams In The Desert (荒漠甘泉)

Streams In The Desert (荒漠甘泉)

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During the period of Mr. Cowman’s struggle with disease, Mrs. Cowman began to write, and recorded their heart feeling and true experience during this difficult period in the form of diary.

This book:

  • writes in the form of diary, one diary per day and one feeling per day;
  • based mainly on The Bible, and also introduces words and sentences in other theology;
  • combining the witness and the cultivation of life of the couple, it gives in-depth interpretation of The Bible;
  • teaches people how to listen to the God by reading The Bible and understand “the will of god”.

This prayer book, in the Christian world, is known as “an inexhaustible heart treasure and a fresh and sweet life spring”.

(Contents are in Simplified Chinese Text)





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