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What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit

What The Bible Says About The Holy Spirit

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This book is a clear, readable study of what the Bible actually teaches about the Holy Spirit. The author writes:

Have you ever tried to convince a person that one day they will stand before God and answer for every idle word they have uttered and every thought they have had, and every feeling that passed through their minds?
Have you ever tried to convince anyone that they are going to be judged for their whole life, and that things they have forgotten for years will be brought up again?
Have you ever tried to convince somebody that this is true?

You never will. People today don’t believe there is a judgment, they don’t believe in hell, they don’t believe in anything like that. How will we convince them? The answer is the Holy Spirit will convince the world (not the church) of sin and righteousness and judgment. When someone is convinced of those three things they are ripe for the gospel, ready for the Saviour. They want to know how they can escape. How can I get out of this terrible dilemma? I am bad, God is perfectly good. When I meet him face-to-face I shall have to run from him. How can I get out of this? Then you can tell them: “Jesus died for you. Jesus died that you might be forgiven. He died to make you good, that you might go at last to heaven, saved by his precious blood.” That is when the gospel comes in.

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